Training Observership

Introduction :

The primary objective of ACS(I) observership is to provide additional training in the art and science of dermatosurgery, laser surgery and cosmetic dermatology for the dermatologists. ACS(I) provides four week ACS(I) observership. Only LM membership are eligible

Rules for ACS(I) Training Observerships :

1. The observership will be open to life members of the ACS(I) who are not working in the same institution and who have completed their degree or diploma.
2. The awardee must be aged less than 45 years at the time of commencement of his or her observership. Applicants above 45 years can apply for 2 weeks observership.
3. The applicant must specify the course of specialization that he or she intends to undergo.
4. The host institution must be ready to accept the awardee.
5. Selection will be done twice a year. Applications will be invited in January and July. Candidates have to choose 2 centres in order of preference. The awardee will be selected by ACS(I) Academy on the basis of merit and the possible utility of the training in the discharge of his or her duties. The candidate must apply with full biodata.
6. The duration of training will be 4 weeks for (45 years and 2 weeks for )45 years.
7. No financial support from the association to candidates
8. Awardees must give an undertaking for completing the observership within the stipulated time of one year failing which they may not be considered for future observerships through or from the ACS(I).
9. The observership will be given only after successful completion of the course. The following have to be furnished to the ACS(I) national secretariat after completion of the observership training for the issue of the observership completion certificate:
a. Proof of observership training mentioning the period of observership duly signed by the concerned observership director(s).
b. Submission of a research paper to JCAS (optional).
c. Submission of a completed observership feedback form.
d. Submission of a brief write-up of the experience of the training for the publication in ACSIPEN.

International Observership Programme :

1. If overseas members opt for these observerships, it will be called International Observership programme.
2. There will be no financial assistance or scholarships for these.

Current Centers :

Name Name City State Info
1 Dr Dhanashree Bhide, Dr Pradyumna Vaidhya Pune Maharashtra More Info
2 Dr Imran Majid Srinagar Jammu & Kashmir More Info
3 Dr Jaishree Sharad Mumbai Maharashtra More Info
4 Dr Koushik Lahiri Kolkata West Bengal More Info
5 Dr Niteen Dhepe Solapur Maharashtra -
6 Dr Niti Khunger New Delhi New Delhi -
7 Dr Raj Kirit, Dr Rajyalakshmi Hyderabad Telangana More Info
8 Dr Venkataram Mysore Bengaluru Karnataka More Info

Click Here for Observership Form

Centers :

1. Centres should specify the subject (Dermatosurgery/aesthetics/Laser), submit in detail the procedures which a candidate can observe during the course, this will be on the ACSI website.
2. The minimum requirements are as follows :
a. Dermatosurgery Observership
1 .A well equipped operation theatre with all required instruments and emergency management devices
2. A well trained faculty in dermatosurgery to co ordinate the course
3. Patient input sufficient enough to teach all basic suturing technique
4. Other basic surgeries to be performed during the course
(i) Simple excision surgeries for cyst corn lipomas
(ii) Acne scar surgeries
(iii) Vitiligo surgeries
(iv) Optional procedures include hair transplantation, flap and scar surgeries
b. Aesthetics
1. A well trained faculty in aesthetics to co ordinate the course
2. Injectables
3. Microneedling
4. Chemical peels
5. Management of facial melanosis
6. Skin tightening (optional)
7. Rejuvenation techniques
c. Lasers
1. A well equipped LASER safety rooms
2. Well trained staff in lasers
3. Centre must have pigment laser, laser for a scars, laser for hair reduction
4. Candidate should be trained in laser physics, safety measures, patient selection and laser parameters, complications prevention and management
3. To start a observership programme, centre has to apply to Secretary, a site inspection will be done and if approved will be communicated within a month.
4. Each centre will be given approval for 5 years. They have to reapply again if they wish to continue.
5. A panel of members of ACS(I) Academy constituted from time to time will select the course of training and the corresponding institution. Private institutions are not barred from instituting training observerships, but they will not be permitted to charge any fee.
6. An amount of Rs. 10,000/- will be given to training institute on successful completion of training of candidate. However, a centre may choose to forfeit the same.
7. Appeal - An Appeal will be allowed in case of rejection of Observership Center application only after 1 year of declaration of Observership center results.

Application for Recognition as an ACS(I) Observership Centre. Application center is to download the application form from the ACS(I) website and to be submited to the Honorary General Secretary via email.


ACS(I) National Secretariat

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Devaraj
A-31, 6th Street, A Block, Annanagar East, Chennai - 600102 INDIA.