ACS(I) COVID-19 Benevolent Fund

ACS(I) COVID-19 Benevolent Fund

Dear ACS(I) Member (LMs & PLMs),
The ACS(I) Central Council Meeting held on 10-05-2020 agreed and directed the EC to form a committee to explore benevolence to ACS(I) members during the COVID-19 era. Following the mandate a committee was formed with Dr Narendra Patwardhan & Dr Shashi Kumar B M as Chairman & Convener of the committee respectively. The other members were Dr Venkataram Mysore, Dr Somesh Gupta and Dr Rajib Gogoi. ACS(I) EC was represented by Dr R Raghunatha Reddy, Dr Dinesh Kumar Devaraj and Dr Jagadish P. The committee after much internal discussion and having understood the situation and urgency, regarding the need for implementing it with immediate effect to benefit the members; has recommended and based on the guidelines the “ACS(I) COVID-19 Benevolent Fund” has been incorporated.
The “ACS(I) COVID-19 Benevolent Fund” will be governed by a Managing Committee and will provide financial assistance to ACS(I) members as per its charter.
We hope this humble good will gesture of ACS(I) will help in mitigating the burden of its affected members to some extent, during COVID-19 Pandemic.
Best regards,

Dr R Raghunatha Reddy, President
Dr Dinesh Kumar Devaraj, Secretary General


ACS(I) National Secretariat

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Devaraj
A-31, 6th Street, A Block, Annanagar East, Chennai - 600102 INDIA.