“Unwinding by ACS(I) Millennials” Facebook Live session

July 16, 2022, 3:23 p.m.

Dear esteemed members,

Can one balance academics, practice and administration, to have the perfect symphony? Can there be a perfection to everything we want to do and achieve? ACS(I) Millenials brings to you our next facebook live session with answers to the above with guest of honour Dr. Raghunath Reddy (Immediate Past president, ACS(I)) with host Dr. Preethi B Nayak for a lively discussion on " Practice, Administration, Academics. Can there be a perfect Dermatologist?". Do join the session on the 17th of July from 7:00-7:45 pm to be streamed live on the IJD Facebook group.


Dr Shyamanta Barua 
President, ACS(I) 

Dr Manas Ranjan Puhan 
Secretary General, ACS(I)

Dr Saloni Katoch 
Chairperson, ACS(I) Millennials 

Dr Preethi B Nayak 
Convener, ACS(I) Millennials


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