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Reminder : ACS(I) Video Presentation Award 2020

All ACS(I) members are eligible to participate. Short videos of dermatosurgical procedures should be recorded, edited appropriately and sent via email. The best video will be given award during the Valedictory function of ACSICON 2020 by the President, ACS(I). Once submitted, the video will be property of ACS(I). The videos if found suitable will be uploaded in ACS(I) website for the benefit of its members.

1. Duration of video should be limited to five minutes, 100 MB and preferably in MP4 format.

2. Patient identity should be masked and a written informed consent should be taken, which should be submitted.

3. Videos should be clear, recorded from correct and consistent position to display proper field. The surgical field should be cleared of equipment not in use (e.g. retractors, scissors, metal forceps, cotton gauze etc.), surgeons and assistants obstructing the view and cleaned of any bloodstains and debris so that the viewers’ attention is not distracted. Professionally finished products will be appreciated.

4. Step by step approach is preferred. The video should be edited to show only the key steps.

5. The screen settings are preferably to be maintained in ratio of 4:3 (4 units width to 3 units height) as opposed to wide screen aspect ratio of 16:9.

6. Before and after images of the procedure to be added at the end wherever applicable. Audio and text slides can also be incorporated if needed keeping the flow of the video intact.

7. The information about selection of winner will be informed to the applicant before the conference. The winner may have to present the video during conference.

8. The best video will be awarded during the Valedictory function of ACSICON 2020 by the President, ACS(I).

9. Preregistration to ACSICON 2020 is mandatory for the selected candidate. (

10. The selected candidate will be awarded a memento and a certificate.

11. Submission has to be done to;

Last date for application: 15/02/2020

Dr R Raghunatha Reddy

Dr Dinesh Kumar D.
Honorary Secretary General

Dr ShyamantaBarua
Academy Chair

Dr Shyamanta Barua
Chairperson, Academy

Dr SavithaA Somaiah
Academy Convener

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