ACSI (I) Best Dermatosurgery Thesis Award 2022

July 21, 2022, 8:34 a.m.

ACSI (I) Best Dermatosurgery Thesis Award 2022 Announcement
1. Eligibility: Postgraduates who have cleared the exam in the preceding 2 years are eligible (Ex.: For ACSICON 2022, PGs who cleared in 2021 and 2020 will be eligible). The thesis topic should be on cutaneous surgery.
2. The postgraduate has to be Provisional or Life Member (PLM/ LM) of ACS(I) and the guide a Life Member of ACS(I). ACS(I) membership should be menNoned in the applicaNon.
3. The applicaNon has to be forwarded by the Guide of the postgraduate. Only one candidate per Guide will be considered per conference.
4. It will be mandatory for the postgraduate to herself/ himself present the paper and pre- register for ACSICON 2022.
5. The abstract will have to be submiSed with a maximum word count of 300. Novelty of the research topic and research methodology shall be given priority in the evaluaNon.
6. The applicant, guide and co-guide have to give an undertaking that the proposed thesis is their original study plan and there are no conflicts of interest. This has to be submiSed with the abstract. If any contrary evidence is available at a later date it will entail cancellaNon of the parNcipaNon of that candidate or withdrawal of the prize (as applicable).
6. The informaNon about selecNon to the successful candidates for this session will be forwarded to the applicants before the conference by the Honorary Secretary General.
7. The presentaNon will be for 7 minutes followed by 1-2 of quesNon/s by the judges.
8. The award will be given to both the Guide and the postgraduate. A cash prize along with a cerNficate will be given to one winner a^er the candidate submits the work to JCAS for publicaNon.
9. For any further query what’s app on 9437873112
10. Submission has to be done to and
Last date for applicaDon: 15/08/2022
Dr Shyamanta Barua Dr Manas Ranjan Puhan Dr. Swapnil Shah Dr. Anal Jyoti Bordoloi
President Secretary General Chairperson, Academy Convener, Academy


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